Multi Profile


Using several tests, monitor your gut bacteria over time.  Ideal to follow the effects of dietary changes or if you are re-establishing your gut health following medication.



A series of three tests, three months apart, to follow your gut microbiome over time. The profile programme is particularly aimed at following the effects of changing diet, use of pre- or probiotics, or other lifestyle changes; or for ensuring your gut bugs stay healthy.

You will receive three separate test kits, either 3 months apart, or at other times dependent on your personal circumstances, with clear instructions for how to take the stool sample. Simply post each sample to us in the prepaid envelopes and wait for your results, which should be with you within 4-8 weeks.

Your report will track changes to your microbiome profile over time, identifying key changes. We will highlight the impacts of these changes on gut function and your health and well-being.

Additional information

Dimensions 23 × 18 × 0.5 cm