Healthy Microbiota

At the Healthy Bacteria Company, we recognise the impact of the microbiome on every day health and its role in a range of disease conditions.

The Microbiome

The human microbiome is extraordinarily complex, comprising thousands of unique bacterial species. Most of them we have never been able to grow in a lab; we know about them only from using DNA sequencing. Collectively, these microbes donate many varied and important functions to their hosts. While the human genome contains around 22,000 genes, there are several million additional genes present in our microbes, expanding our genetic repertoire many times over.

Microbiota = the microbes

Microbiome = microbial genes

In the beginning

Babies acquire their first gut bacteria from their mums during birth. They are exposed to a larger amount and greater diversity of microorganisms during a natural birth compared to a Caesarean section birth. Our gut microbe community develops over the first few years of life.

Microbiome & Health

As an adult, many factors can influence your gut microbiome and this reflects on your health. Hormones, diet, stress, exercise and even the animals you live with affect our resident bugs! It is becoming increasingly evident that the human microbiome is an integral part of our normal health and wellbeing. Involved in almost every aspect of our physiology, ranging from developing a healthy immune system to influencing our mental state. If you look after your gut bugs they will look after you.

What Do Healthy Bugs Do?

You already know that your gut bugs are amazing, but did you know that they provide us with essential vitamins (B & K)? They digest fibre that you can’t, to produce molecules called short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). These SCFAs are known to reduce inflammation, in the gut and throughout the body. When you have a good number of healthy bugs they can stop nasty disease-causing microorganisms from colonising your gut.

Find out who’s living in your gut today!

Healthy Bacteria = Healthy Living