Time To Try: Sourdough

It seems everyone is busy with DIY projects of some kind and we have been experimenting with lots of yummy and healthy bacteria in the kitchen, so good for the gut and soul. Time to Try is our series about creating something wonderfully delicious with healthy bacteria. In this blog we explain the process of a Sourdough Starter and Sourdough Bread, plus throw in a bit of science as well.

Specific Types of Fibre Influence The Gut Microbiome

Having plenty of fibre in our diets as part of a healthy lifestyle has been recognised for many years. Fibre was thought to help absorb water in the gut, making stools soft and easy to pass. More recently, the role of fibre in maintaining gut health through promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria has been revealed.

Obesity & the microbiome link

Obesity is widely regarded as one of the most pressing health issues worldwide. The proportion of the world’s population that is defined as obese has risen steadily over recent decades. Can obesity be cured with someone else’s bacteria?